Summit Center Community Acupuncture
 27 Normac Road, Woburn, MA                                                                                

Our goal is to provide quality acupuncture treatment at affordable prices.  Community Acupuncture helps reduce the out of pocket costs for complimentary medicine and allows for more frequent acupuncture treatments to more people. We provide acupuncture for the people at co-pay prices!  

Prices are based on a sliding scale of $20.00 to $40.00 per treatment which will allow you to pay what you are able as we work together to address your health issues. The first visit is $35, we get to know you a little better. We do not require income verification for our sliding fees.  

Appointments Are Available:
Monday 11-2 , and 4-7pm 
Tuesday 10-3pm

Wednesday 10-2, and 5-7pm
Friday 5-7pm

Please Call for an appointment - same day may be available!

SCCA - Summit Center Community Acupuncture

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